Please send lower portion with your payment to the address above.  $60.00  of your payment will be sent to the State of Wisconsin for your state membership to Wisconsin Apartment Association.

​Wausau Area Apartment Association

P.O. Box 813

Wausau, WI  54402-0813

$100 for 2019 Membership Dues for Members with 5-10 units

CALL US  +1.715.432.5733

​Please fill out information on bottom and send with payment:  We will record this information on the website.

$125.00 for 2019 Membership Dues for Members with 11+ units

​$75.00 for 2019 Membership Dues for Members with 1-4 Units

Business Name:_______________________________________________________ no of Units____________



State:______________________Zip Code:____________________



__________Yes, I approved the WAAA to advertise my name and information on the website as a member

Invoice for Membership to the Wausau Area Apartment Association